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Release 1.0.2

Date: 31-Dec-2008

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This page provides access to the Release 1.0.2 deliverables of the openEHR specification project and indicates the current status (lifecycle state) of each. The lifecycle states are as follows:

The lifecycle states are as follows:

Lifecycle State Description
development agile development by project group, no formal change management, visibility of documentation and experimental software. By the end of development, an open source reference implementation must be available
trial during this period, the specification is managed in a formal way. Issues are reported on an online tracker; changes are recorded on a separate dedicated tracker, ensuring every change to the specification is recorded
stable specifications that have been tested in software and are in use in the community.

Reading Documents

Most links in the table below are to Adobe PDF files. All files are in colour. If you do not see them in colour or have other problems reading them, we suggest upgrading to the latest Acrobat Reader. If you still experience problems with reading PDF files, your browser configuration may need to be adjusted. See the Adobe Acrobat support page for more help.


Component Documentary Specification (Original PDF) Description Status
Standards conformance ISO 18308 Conformance Statement Document describing conformance of openEHR architecture to ISO TS 18308, "Requirements for EHR Architectures". stable
Architecture Overview (PDF) "Read me first" document for the whole architecture. provides a summary of the reference, archetype and service models, and describes global semantics. stable
Reference Model EHR IM (PDF) The information model of the openEHR EHR. stable
  Demographic IM (PDF) The openEHR demographic model. stable
  EHR Extract IM (PDF) The information model of the EHR Extract, which is a serilialisation of content from an EHR. development
  Common IM (PDF) Information model containing common concepts, including the archetype-enabling LOCATABLE class, party references, audits and attestations, change control, and authored resources. stable
  Data Structures IM (PDF) Information model of data structures, incuding a powerful model of HISTORY and EVENT. stable
  Data Types IM (PDF) Information model of data types, including quantities, date/times, plain and coded text, time specification, multimedia and URIs. stable
  Support IM (PDF) Support model defining identifiers, assumed types, and terminology interface specification used in the rest of the specifications. stable
  Integration IM (PDF) Model supporting expression of legacy data in a free form for further processing into and out of openEHR information structures. stable
Archetype Model Archetype System Description of system of archetype management and governance. This document will change as a result of current work on archetype ontologies, governance, and logistical management. development
  Archetype Semantics Description of semantics of populations of archetypes, including identifiers, specialisation, revision, versioning, composition, and conformance. development
  Archetype Definition Language 1.4 (ADL) (PDF) Abstract syntax specification for archetypes 1.4 edition of language (used in ISO 13606-2). stable
  Archetype Object Model 1.4 (AOM) (PDF) Object model of archetypes corresponding to ADL 1.4. stable
  openEHR Archetype Profile (OAP) openEHR plug-in additions to the generic archetype object model. stable
  Archetypes Principles Semantic principles of archetypes and templates. stable
Terminology openEHR Vocabulary Documentary form of the openEHR terminology, which is a set of vocabularies and code sets used by the reference and archetype models. stable

Computable Expressions

Format Details
UML source files (XMI) | website
BMM BMM models
XML openEHR Terminology


Component Documentary Specification Computable / formal expressions Description Status
Specification Management CM Plan   Technical document describing how versioning, changes, and releases are made. Describes the workflow of the Architectural Review Board (ARB). stable
Model Management Modelling Guide   Technical document describing how versioning, changes, and releases are made. Describes the workflow of the Architectural Review Board (ARB). stable
XML Schema XML Schema Homepage XSDs XML-schema expression of the reference model. stable
Java Java Development Guide   Guide to java implementation of openEHR. stable

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