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Archetype Model (AM) Component - 2.0.6


Specification Description Notes
STABLE Archetype Technology Overview of archetype technology, basic semantics, types of artefact, parsing, compiling etc.
STABLE ADL 2 Archetype Definition Language 2 (ADL2): includes differential specialisation, terminology integration. ADL2 wiki page
STABLE AOM 2 Archetype Object Model 2 (AOM2) - full computable model of Archetypes and Templates. Includes uniquely identified formally testable validity conditions (suitable for output by compilers), revised primitive types, improved terminology section, and constraint model extended to represent differential archetypes. (ISO 13606-2:2019)
DEV OPT 2 Specification of the Operational Template 2 (OPT2) format. ADL2 OPT wiki page
STABLE Identification Formal model of identifiers, versioning and lifecycle for archetypes, templates and terminology subsets. Identification wiki page
STABLE ADL 1.4 Abstract syntax specification for Archetype Definition Language (ADL), 1.4 edition of language (ISO 13606-2:2008). ADL 1.4 migration page
STABLE AOM 1.4 Archetype Object Model (AOM) 1.4 - syntax-independent model of archetypes corresponding to ADL 1.4.
STABLE OPT 1.4 Specification of the Operational Template 1.4 (OPT) format.
STABLE Archetype Profile Legacy specification of plug-in semantics for AOM 1.4 (replaced by standard semantics in AOM 2).


Release Date Description
Release 2.3.0 20-Mar-2024 Release notes
Release 2.2.0 18-Jun-2019 Release notes
Release 2.1.0 24-Aug-2018 Release notes
Release 2.0.6 07-Jan-2017 Release notes
Release 1.4 31-Dec-2008 Release notes

Work In Progress

Release Description
Latest Latest specifications of Archetype Model (AM) Component | GitHub repo
Release 3.0.0 Issues | Changes
Release 2.4.0 Issues | Changes

Computable Expressions

Resource Description
openEHR_UML-AM.mdzip MagicDraw 18.5 UML file for AOM 2. Contains UML 2.5 standard XMI file.
openEHR_UML-AM-14.mdzip MagicDraw 18.5 UML file for AOM 1.4. Contains UML 2.5 standard XMI file.
openEHR_UML-RM.mdzip UML file for MagicDraw 19 for RM model. Contains UML 2.5 standard XMI file.
openEHR_UML-BASE.mdzip UML file for openEHR Base classes, as MagicDraw 19. Contains UML 2.5 standard XMI file.