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This specification describes service endpoints, resources and operations as well as details of requests and responses that interacts with System openEHR API in a RESTful manner.

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This specification is in the STABLE state, and can be downloaded as OpenAPI specification file (in YAML format) for validation, or for code generators. Users are encouraged to comment on and/or advise on these paragraphs as well as the main content.

The development version of this document can be found at


Options and Conformance

The OPTIONS HTTP method allows a client to determine the options and/or requirements associated with a resource, service or with the system, without implying a resource action.

Services SHOULD respond to this method with the appropriate HTTP codes, headers and potentially with a payload revealing more details about themselves.

Another use-case for this method is related to exposing service capabilities for a conformance manifest.


Response samples

Content type
  • "solution": "openEHRSys",
  • "solution_version": "v0.9",
  • "vendor": "My-openEHR",
  • "restapi_specs_version": "v1.0.3",
  • "conformance_profile": "STANDARD",
  • "endpoints": [