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Implementation Technology Specifications (ITS) Component - 1.0.2


Specification Description
TRIAL REST APIs REST API specifications - a simplified data representation for committing data to the openEHR EHR.
STABLE XSDs XML Schemas (XSDs) for the openEHR BASE, RM and AM


Release Date Description
Release 2.0.0 03-May-2021 Release notes
Release 1.0.2 31-Dec-2018 Release notes

Work In Progress

Release Description
Latest Latest specifications of Implementation Technology Specifications (ITS) Component | GitHub repo
Release 2.1.0 Issues | Changes

Computable Expressions

Resource Description
REST API src REST API specifications as OpenAPI Specification v3.0 files.
XSDs Downloadable openEHR XML Schemas (XSDs) Release 1.0.2 (stable).
Java OET parser Simple OET file parser in Java