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Base Model (BASE) Component - 1.0.3


Specification Description
STABLE Architecture Overview "Read me first" document for the overall architecture. Provides a summary of the reference, archetype and service models, and describes global semantics.
STABLE ODIN This is the JSON-like notation used to express various sections of ADL archetypes including description, terminology and annotations, and also BMM files.


Release Date Description
Release 1.2.0 09-Apr-2021 Release notes
Release 1.1.0 22-Jan-2019 Release notes
Release 1.0.4 14-Jul-2018 Release notes
Release 1.0.3 15-Dec-2015 Release notes
Release 1.0.2 31-Dec-2008 Release notes

Work In Progress

Release Description
Latest Latest specifications of Base Model (BASE) Component | GitHub repo
Release 1.3.0 Issues | Changes

Computable Expressions

Resource Description
openEHR_UML-BASE.mdzip UML file for openEHR Base classes, as MagicDraw 18.5. Contains UML 2.5 standard XMI file.